Vampirella Universe

Dynamite Comics
In Development as TV Series

Vampirella originally came to Earth as a vengeful angel of death. Human astronauts crash landed on her planet and murdered the love of her life. Vampirella killed them and used their spaceship to come here hellbent to exact a terrible revenge. However, she soon observed that not all humans were evil and that there was much worth protecting. Despite literally thirsting for blood, she changed her way of thinking, vowing never to take a life without good reason.

Vampirella has become (and as of 2022 remains) the longest-running English-language vampire comic book of all time, its latest run, helmed by Christopher Priest (Black Panther), is its most successful yet, with more issues sold in its 50th anniversary than any previous year and it continues to gain momentum in popularity as new readers discover Vampirella’s timely storyline.

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